Allice Are You Alright

350.00 лв.


Colour: orange passion

Designed by
chef-d’oeuvre Dream team



Unearth a precious piece of moroccan treasure that is destined to bring your personality to vivid life.

This distinctive Chef-D’oeuvre design carries with it a palpable sense of creativity, inspired by the culture of Morocco. It is more than just a scarf. It is a work of inspired imagination and uniquely stunning artistry.

The artist has chosen to keep elements of their process present, with flickers of paint and splashes of colour across the scarf. These flourishes accompany patterns that reflect the style of Zellige mosaic tileworks found in the cities of Fes and Meknes.

Like any treasure, the touch of individuality and creativity brought by Chef-D’oeuvre is something to be cherished. Embrace the Moroccan spirit.


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