Allice Are You Alright

350.00 лв.

spring/summer 2018

Colour: pink passion

Designed by
chef-d’oeuvre Dream team



Take a jump down the rabbit hole and enter a wonderland of vibrant imagination.

It won’t matter if you’re late for an important date when you arrive wearing this striking Chef-D’oeuvre design. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, this is a garment that brings your love for individuality to colourful life.

Wrap yourself in the beloved characters of Carroll’s far-out world, from the eccentric Mad Hatter to the curious Alice herself. The artist behind ‘Alice Are You Alright’ exudes their passion for Carroll’s world, contributing a uniquely wacky item to its legacy.

Follow the White Rabbit and express your kooky spirit with a scarf that gladly celebrates nonsense!


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