C is for Chef-D’oeuvre

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Multicolor / Royal Green

Designed by
Chef-D’oeuvre Dream team

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C is for Chef-D’oeuvre. C is for choice. The choice to be unique.

Conjure an air of sophistication with this strikingly beautiful garment. It’s been carefully crafted to exude elegance. Indulge in your desire to be unique and stand out in the sea of mediocrity and complacency.

‘C is for Chef-D’oeuvre’ is hand-woven using genuine twill silk. The unique texture of this soft and comforting material brings the bold colours to life. The scarf itself is a canvas for the masterpiece. C, after all, is for Chef-D’oeuvre.

Exercise your choice to be unique. It takes a masterpiece to stand out from the crowd.

Store your Chef-D’oeuvre carefully, avoid contact with chemicals, and entrust them to a cleaning professional. Please look for your care label on your cloth.